Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

     Happy Father's Day to all the important men who are in my life, and who are still in my heart.
     If I could send a special shout out to those who've been gone from this world, for far too long, the first would be to the first man I ever loved, the one I called Papa. It doesn't seem like it has been 23 years since I told him, how much I loved him, and good night. The 10 short years he was in my life was more than a child could have asked for, because he was a hands on dad, who made such a huge impression on my life. I will never forget riding around Trent Court with him in his bright orange Dodge Ram pickup truck, selling his catch of the day, and me, sitting on the cooler, while he was telling his customers about Jesus. How he used to lay in the bed, reading his Bible so often, then how he refused to compromise what the Bible said. Not a night went by, that he didn't hug and kiss me, telling me to remember, "Purty is, purty are" (Meaning: Pretty is, pretty are. Or: Always act pretty, and you'll be pretty. Beauty comes from inside & your actions!) I owe my manners to him and my mama. (Taking orders from an Army drill seargent helped, there was a fine line to walk!!) They've served me well through the years, and that's something I've tried to pass on to my kids too. Yes sir, I still love you, & miss you, Papa...
     Next, I would send a big hug up to the next one who stepped into a father role in my life, Carlos Williams. He was my sweet husband, Gary's dad. But you'd swear I was one of his own children! That man took me right into his heart, cracking jokes and laughing with me, from the first day I walked into his house. For 10 precious years, a bond formed, that I thank Jesus for. I'll never forget how he acted when he found out I was pregnant with his first grandbaby. He went out and got a cell phone, so he would be able to rush to the hospital when I went into labor! Little Gary was that man's heart, and he was the picture of what a grandfather should look like! That's when I heard those sweet sweet words again, Papa loves you. Anyone can be called a father, but it takes someone very special to fill the name Papa or Daddy...
    Which brings me to the next amazing man in my life, my husband, whom I love SO much, my children's Daddy! This man is wonderful to me and to my children. He was the best blind date I could've ever dreamed of. Who knew when I met him on Spring Break, we would be marrying in just a few short months? (I know our families were shocked as well! But all came around!) We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary this year. I have to thank Jesus for seeing us through this far. Life certainly brought ups and downs into our marriage, but He has seen us through each one. Without God, we'd be nowhere. I give Him ALL the praise and glory for where He has brought us from, and what our future holds.I love you honey, my ol' peanut man!
     Finally, I wish my step dad, Tommie, a Happy Father's Day. You haven't been in the family as long as the others, but you are a special part, none the less. Your love is felt whether we are close by, or far apart. You are a wonderful Grandpa! I'll never forget how you took my sweet Hailey into your lap, allowing her to eat gobs of fresh tomatoes out of your garden, or entirely polish off YOUR snacks! Then, making her a stool to sit up at the table, so she could reach it better. That was so special, and all of your grandchildren have gotten use out of it, since then too! None of your grandchildren can name even one person who has so much "cool" stuff under their shed! Haha! Others could call it junk, but to them, it's awesome!! Just like you! I'm happy that you and Mama have found each other, to share your lives with. As a grown daughter, it does my heart so good, to see her happy. I wish you the best day today, and send my love!
     To all fathers out there, enjoy your day & your family!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome back!!

It has been a shamefully long time since I last posted. Our family has gone through many ups and downs over the past year. However, I thought I would plug back into this blog, which perfectly coincides with an idea that I have been stewing over.... I am thinking of hosting a Once a Month Cooking Club! This is a group that gets together, creating many dishes that can go into the freezer, allowing families to have good home cooked meals, while saving money on nights that they may have had to eat out. It also allows each participant to be ready for unexpected company or get togethers that always pop up. Let's face it, this time of year, that sort of thing is ALWAYS happening! I am trying to get all of my info in order before I step out there on a limb. Have any good ideas?!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

We are Kid-less!

Wow! It has been forever, since I've posted! For so long, my priority list has had the computer put at the very bottom. Mostly, I've been keeping busy with church, my family, and work. However, this week, we found ourselves kid-less, so much time has opened up! Imagine that! After babysitting our nephew last weekend, his parents took our kids back with them. We have been enjoying some Mommy/Daddy alone time, which has been very quiet! Except, the fourth of July, we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC where we dined at Medieval Times. It was wonderful! Then, earlier tonight we had a great time at a pool party of my good friend's, followed by the marble game at our house! But what we are looking forward to, is tomorrow at church! Worshiping and praising God with other Christians! God is SO GOOD!

Monday, November 12, 2007

God's Precious Gifts

God has truely blessed me and my family. To outsiders, we may not have what the world thinks is the best, but we have so much more. All because God has given it to us. I have been studying in my Sunday School class about how everything belongs to God, and that we are only managers of it for a little while. This lesson was based on Job 1:20 "....the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised." Without Him, I would have nothing. And let me tell you, for so long, my husband and I were living a life that was all about "us" and we didn't care about anything else. We wanted, just what we wanted. Life was hard, we struggled from paycheck to paycheck. As hard as we worked, we still didn't have much. Throughout those years, we were taken care of, God still had his hand on us, even though we were not giving Him the attention we should have. I can look back and see times in my life, that the Holy Spirit was trying to get ahold of me, to make me turn from my ways, but I continued wanting my "own" life. Until we moved here to SC, through the sermons from our Godly pastor, Howard Allen, and then an evangelist, Ronnie Owens, and my husband's changed life after becoming saved by Jesus Christ; my eyes hadn't been opened. I thank God for saving my soul, forgiving me of my sins, and guiding me with his precious Bible! God has kept my family safe through so many ins and outs, taught us how to give graciously, and continues to burden my heart daily, teaching me in the way I need to live. I am here to share with you, since turning things over to God, and coming to grips with the fact that "it's" not mine, it's God's, I feel more free and happier than I've been. I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a job now. I feel that this job, is a serious God-thing, because I had been wanting a job so bad, for this past year, but anything I tried, seemed to fall through the cracks no matter how hard I worked on it, until now. This job fell into my lap, and I know that it is only because of God and the way it happened. The things that have come full circle back to us, in unbelievable. I'm sure that the world still sees us as not having it all, but that's okay I have God, and that's all I need! I know that now. As Thanksgiving comes closer, I hope that everyone can look around and see all that God has given to you, and be thankful. I know I am.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Do You Go to Church?

How AWESOME it was to be at church Wednesday night!!! It is always great to go to church and hear the Bible being preached exactly as it's written. Wednesday's service was no less than the best. The Bible reference was out of Proverbs chapter 22:6, Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Preacher Howard Allen was preaching about why young people (ages 18-30, generally speaking) drop out of church. I was taken aback, at how factual and down to earth the results of this survey were. I am in that age bracket, and could totally identify with everything he was saying. Then, he told us some reasons why young adults stay in church, and finally reasons why those that leave, come back to church. It was all plain as day, and touched my heart. I am in the place in my life that I can't seem to get enough of church, can't wait until I can go back to hear God's word, and worship with other Christians! I give ALL of the thanks to God, for saving my soul, and holding me close!! This sermon also pointed out to me, some things that I need to be doing or not doing.

Now, the question is,

  • Are you in church?? -first step, is you have to find a church that preaches out of the Bible.
  • Are you faithfully attending? Hint: 2 times a month is not nearly enough!
  • Are you there for the right reason?

Update on Fall Festival

South Florence Baptist Church, in Florence, SC hosted our annual Fall Festival last Friday. It was a BLAST!! Despite the crazy weather, it rained and rained! Did it stop anyone from having fun? no. Did the church call it off? no. There were
  • 2 hay rides, (never stopping for the weather) It wasn't a bit spooky, until you went through muddy puddle, thinking, 'maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go hayriding in the rain!';
  • a train for the kiddos
  • a big 'ol bouncy slide-super slippery, from the rain, and all those youngins' little feet!! Yep, my daughter got about halfway up, informing all, "It's too slippery, I need help" Here I go, pulling off socks and shoes, make it halfway up Mount Everest, oops, I mean the steps. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but my little girl already sliding down. She didn't need help, I think it was just a ploy to get me up there!! haha! KIDS!

As if the slide wasn't enough, as soon as I wobbled off of there to get my shoes, I rounded the corner and all I felt was the squish, and the splash of stepping in a mud puddle! ---I may have lost that pair of socks to the garbage can, but I gained a whole lot of fun!

  • pit crew challenge-where people could race against the other player using tools to change the tires on the car
  • cake walk
  • other small carnival games
  • hot dog dinner

and finally,

  • "trick or treating" going from one Sunday School class to the next, getting candy from decorated rooms lit by orange lights and lamps

It was an absolutely wonderful time!! Remember us, if you're in the Florence area next year!!

Lost in Life

I haven't posted in so long, because I have been "lost" in the day to day happenings called life! Let me start by shouting from the rooftop, "I HAVE A JOB!"
Just so you know,

I have a seriously strong conscious and heart, that HAS to believe in the job that I do, and just "know" that I'm in the "right" place. That has been a problem since moving from out of state, a little over a year ago. As, I left a most wonderful position, a 4K preschool teacher at our church. It has been difficult to find "my" spot
I had gone down so many different paths, working so hard, trying to get "the" job to pan out. Do you know that I didn't even have to find this job? It found me! Through a grapevine consisting of several people. It worked out way easier than all of the hoops that I had been jumping through just weeks and months before.
I have been working with young children for the past several years, because that is just where my heart is, and I am happy to say, that this job opportunity that I have, is right on target. It feels like God's target, and that I am right where I am supposed to be for now. (praising God!)

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